BP and Macondo evidence now shifting from LIHOP to MIHOP

The BP Gulf Oil Spill becomes the 911 of the South;
only with far greater repercussions for the entire planet.

The investigation of a crime scene is always an ongoing evolution, where more and more facts give rise to more and more theories.  Often this evolution starts with a presumption of gross negligence/incompetence as the cause of the crime.  It can then take a turn to a more unfortunate understanding where it becomes clear that the perpetrators LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose?).  Lastly, there are those instances where the realization emerges in full relief that we are dealing with hardened criminals who MIHOP (Made It Happen On Purpose!).

It’s always an extremely unfortunate happenstance for a forensic analyst, during the course of investigation of a crime scene like the Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), to come to this last realization of MIHOP.  The ramifications about what and why and who may have committed such a crime against the planet, against humanity and against a nation are just too staggering to wrap one’s mind around.

However, this is where we are in our current understanding of what truly went down in the GOM on, before and after April 20th of 2010.  Like 911, the entire world was transfixed by the dramatic fire and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon (collapse of the Twin Towers), as well as the subsequent gushing of the rogue well for 87 straight days (weeks of molten steel at ground zero).  Also like 911, it does appear that a leap in consciousness has now occurred which points directly to a MIHOP scenario.

It is very sad to say, but the facts on the seafloor, coupled with the truth in the elusive mud logs, BOP records, irrational and destined to fail attempts by BP to cap the well (methane hydrates gummed up the works in 2 containment domes), etc. all point to forces at work behind the scenes which guaranteed that a catastrophe of epic proportions would occur.  Furthermore, the forensic analysis which follows below categorically reinforces this unfolding theory.

We invite anyone who might contribute to this line of inquiry to forward any relevant information, documentation, emails, photos, videos, mp3s, etc. to the following contact info. Please be assured that all data/info will be treated with the utmost confidentiality (Whatever that means in these days of secret Homeland Security regimes and massive data mining by the NSA?).

ATTN: National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

Compelling arguments for a Disaster-in-Making

– BK Lim
11 Dec @010

Almost 8 months after the disastrous blowout on 20 Apr 2010, it is important to recap and critically examine the key turning points which could have averted BP’s Mega Oil Spill.  Or was it really an accidental disaster?  Like 911, new evidences point to an undeniable conclusion that this was a “MAKE-IT-HAPPEN-ON-PURPOSE” Disaster (MIHOP Disaster)

Figures 140-1 to 140-2 are among first ROV images confirming the third well and the massive NW-SE strike-slip fault zone which the three Macondo wells had drilled into. This major deep-seated fault zone is one of the several geological reasons why the gas blowouts occurred and why the subsequent oil-gas leaks from the reservoirs are so difficult to control. The other geological reasons are given in the next posting. It is worthy to note that BP’s geohazards assessment categorically stated that the “proposed well bore will not intersect any faults between the seafloor and the depth limit of this investigation at Horizon 6 or 5,328 ft bml”.

When details of the “nightmare well from Hell” first spilled out, it was obvious to independent experts that there had to be more than 1 well. In fact, the later forensic analyses (in early August) revealed three. For all these 3 wells to be so problematical, the same risky geohazardous conditions must have existed in all three locations. The hazardous geological conditions, and in particular the faults, can actually be inferred from the general seafloor morphology revealed by satellite images obtained from Google Earth. It was therefore intriguing why official investigations would overlook the obvious, as if the geological truth and root causes were not important.

From geohazards and geotechnical perspectives, no one in their right geological mind would want to drill a well into such a deep-seated massive fault zone without expecting serious troubles. It was as if all the 3 Macondo well locations had been intentionally chosen at worst possible locations without taking heed of the myriad red flags on this “express highway to disaster”. It is no surprise that all the three wells turned out to be nightmare wells from hell.

Safety Policies dictate that no drilling should not be carried out at locations with potential shallow gas hazards. Large shallow gas occurrences associated with geohazardous conditions are extremely difficult to control. Credit must be given to at least 4 completely different teams of drilling crews who managed to control the wells from the brink of disaster under 4 very trying drilling periods; on or around 7 Oct-9 Nov 2009 (well A, 0-4000ft bml); 3 – 13 Feb 2010 (well A, 4000-5000ft bml); 17Feb – 14 Mar 2010 (well B, 0-13100ft bml); 16 Mar- 17Apr 2010 (3rd undisclosed well, 0-18300ft bml). It was rather unusual for a complete drilling crew change at the start of each drilling period. Was this unusual imprudent measure taken to isolate and prevent any knowledge of previous near-disaster misses on the drilling rig? No competent and professional driller would want to risk their crew’s lives with such high drilling risks; if they had known.

Even with a Slight Risk of shallow gas blowout, standard HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) procedures require prudent extraordinary precautions if the priority option of shifting the location cannot be executed for whatever reasons. Does a faulty critical-failsafe BOP with neglected maintenance efforts look like a prudent extraordinary precaution?

Due to high drilling costs, any well, even those without drilling risk issues, would normally be closely monitored from spudding to completion for any unexpected circumstances. The fact that the reported drilling problems had been allowed to persist unresolved through a 7-month period from 7 Oct 2009 till 20 April 2010, seems more like a deliberate neglect rather than prudent exploration management.

It is interesting to note that BP’s geohazards assessment stated the “risk of encountering shallow gas as Moderate”. See Willful Negligence In BP’s Shallow Hazards Assessment- Part IIIb Of Root Causes. Whether the omission of faults and other geological factors that contributed to the high drilling risk, were deliberate or otherwise, it is obvious there were elements of willful negligence. It would have been a no-brainer to shift to a safer location by just a few hundred metres south; away from the fault zones and the obvious seabed escarpment.

Was the geohazards assessment deliberately toned down with ambiguous wording? If there had been no drilling risk at all, why couldn’t the assessment be stated more clearly? The hazards assessment could have been unambiguously worded as “There is no drilling risk associated with two sand-prone sequences within the middle and lower portions of Unit 6 in the absence of faults and other geological factors”. It is a fact that “gas within deeply bedded sequence” poses little or no drilling risk once it has been adequately identified. Shallow gas occurrence is only a drilling risk if it occurs under certain hazardous geological conditions. So the phrase “the risk of encountering shallow gas as Moderate” is by itself intentionally ambiguous, as is “the risk of shallow gas blowout” or “drilling risk” that really needed to be assessed and not the risk of encountering the gas itself.

To be absolutely clear, scientific and simple, there should be a clear statement whether drilling risks exist or not. An ambiguous assessment that covers all possibilities (“cover thy arse” or CTA rule) is by itself a hazard, since it makes no statement at all on the potential drilling risks of a shallow gas blowout.

If drilling risks have been astutely assessed, then the safest and logical procedure is to shift the proposed well to a safe seabed location with negligible drilling risk. Even if the initial geohazards assessment was flawed and completely missed the “forest for the trees”, the problems encountered during the initial progress of drilling should have alerted and forewarned of the dangers ahead.  The fact that BP pressed ahead with even greater haste just showed their imprudence and recklessness in exploration management. Sadly, this is the norm rather than the exception with high-stakes oil exploration around the world today. This is why a thorough case study of what went wrong with the BP’s Mega Oil Disaster is so crucial to averting the next oil or exploration disaster.

It is strange that the official investigations omitted the numerous drilling problems encountered at well A from 7Oct to 9Nov 2009. Whichever way you cut it, drilling only 4,000ft in one whole month is one heck of red flag when the expected target was 12,000ft per month. Truth be told, Well A was already having serious drilling problems at least a week before the Transocean Marianas drilling rig was damaged by Hurricane Ida.

Apparently nothing was learnt of the failed 2009 campaign. Instead of reassessing the “flawed geohazards assessment” and shifting to a new safer location in accordance to standard HSE procedures, BP imprudently reentered Well A on 3 Feb 2010; only to abandon it 10 days later. Why blow more than 20 million USD on a leaking well that could not be drilled, especially one which had been hastily abandoned for more than 3 months? An example of waste and haste management?

The gas-charged shallow formation not only collapsed-in, it bent and jammed the drill-string at the newly drilled open well bore (4000-5000ft). No wonder, the “jammed drill-string” could not be pulled out. It had to be cut. Well A had to be illegally abandoned with the open un-cemented leaking well. The BOP was removed and used on the next well.

The purported original “had-not-been-removed” BOP shown on top of Well A from mid June onwards was actually reconstructed and re-installed for the “phony capping show”. Earlier videos could not show the purported original BOP at Well A simply because there was no BOP on Well A. The proofs are in video footages of the originally blown BOP being manually worked on, the protection cage cut and removed, reconstructed besides the Well A wellhead.

Yet according to the official story, the “original had-not-been-removed BOP” on Well A had never been blown off and had been in place since drilling started in February 2010. There had been “manufactured safety concerns” about removing the “original had-not-been-removed BOP” from the wellhead, lest it triggered a renewed oil gush, or worse, another uncontrollable blowout.  So how do you explain the numerous “BOP sightings” away from Well A’s wellhead?

Apparently the problems at Well A did not matter at all. Although Well B was only 300ft (a very small distance with regard to geohazardous conditions) and had identical geohazards assessment as Well A, there was no concern at all that Well B would share the same fate. Any professional geohazards expert would have re-examined the hazards assessment at Well B after the fiasco at Well A. Neglect to do so was tantamount to professional negligence. Would any surgeon neglect to monitor the patient’s conditions following a heart surgery?

Forced to abandon Well B (on or around 14 Mar) after experiencing several out-of-control well near-disaster misses, BP went on to spud at a third undisclosed well location without submitting any application to MMS or any geohazards assessment on the location 720ft NW of Well A. If there had been a geologically realistic reassessment of the whole situation, the disastrous blowout on 20 Apr 2010 could have been averted.

In conclusion, it is not the lack of technology, expertise, stringent regulations or even prudent HSE policies which cause this mega-disaster. It is the reckless and imprudent exploration management, total disregard of geological realities and failed enforcement of stringent offshore regulations that are the ultimate root causes of the BP’s mega oil spill disaster. Sadly, this is an industry-wide problem and the next mega-disaster-in-waiting could be in the making in an oil exploration lease concession near you.

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16 Responses to BP and Macondo evidence now shifting from LIHOP to MIHOP

  1. BK Lim says:

    There were at least 5 key turning points before the 20 April blowout that could have changed history or at least prevented the disaster from having such a devastating effect. I can’t believe all the goalkeepers at each turning point, missed the ball.

  2. F the world and especially all the ten cent whores everywhere says:

    I agree absolutely. This crime was perpetuated by the UK royal family , who pretend to be the messiainic line. They use FREEMASONS to run the world, especially USA, and this is the method of controlling politicians, media and the COVERUP of their crimees which inclue genocide, mind contorl, mass murder, contstant lies, pollution of the planet food supplies, planning to enslave the entirie world, and last but not least turning women into common street trash, which they enjoy.

    If you want a nugfet to research on your hypothesis, I have a “friend” who works for Deepwater and he told me plainly right after it happened that he was at that EXACT same spot on a DIFFERENT RIG. (One of their best). He also told me he didnt give a shit because they paid him a lot of money. He doesn’t care that his former neighbors in Alabama are all now toxified. He doesn’t care if hi eats east corexit as long as he gets paid. I’d love this story to come out because of his arrogance and apathy.

    • BK Lim says:

      Dear F the world…..
      Thank you in Advance for the name / email contact of your friend. Plse forward it to hydrocomgeo@gmail.com

      Just curious, what do you mean “EXACT same spot on a DIFFERENT RIG”.
      Was there another rig at site when the DWH blew up? What was the name of that rig? How far away was that rig? Does your friend know the name/location of the well where it blew?


  3. Concrete man says:

    Dear F the world,

    Your Royal Family and the Vatican theory requires evidence. Do empirical research and it is very obvious who hold power in America – Zionists. Don’t believe me? Read James Petras’ books in recent years, or look at his article On Bended Knee and many others that document Zionist power in America. On the other hand, you offer ZERO evidence that the Royal Family (I am no fan of them; Diana was murdered) runs the world through the Freekmazons.

  4. milidude says:

    i have been following your thesis regarding this situation and i am quite impressed with your ability to desnafu the intel and underwater information so us laypeople can understand it. my thoughts on this whole scenario: it being one major F$%#K up is not as optimistic, to say the least, as your interpretation of events is in relation to the incompetence of the us. govt and all operatives involved in this well. the evidence indicates criminal forethought and complicity among involved companies in creating this ongoing catastrophe. i believe it was done to ruin the food-bearing potential of the gulf/to eviscerate the fishing industry/to allow a military chemo-bio-weapons test to be conducted… as well as to test the people’s toleration to a semi-martial law situation being imposed along the gulf states.
    for them to drill 3 wells, abondon 2 and then leave the 1st hidden blowout to leak adinfinitum is proof of a criminal conspiracy. i am glad you were able to document this event and explain it in the depth you have done/thanks. the rest is in God’s hands to sort out.

    • BK Lim says:

      milidude, Thanks for your comments.
      I came into the DWH blowout picture as an independent geohazards specialist of the industry but an outsider to the politics, economic, corporate and social fabric of the US. Like others, I brushed aside the so-called “conspiracy theories” in this disaster. No one of sound mind could believe such “evils” could even exist. But after 6 months of analysing the ground data, one has to come to the undeniable conclusion – that the DWH disaster was a MIHOP – make it happen on purpose. It then make sense that the BP Mega Oil Spill may not be the only conspiracy disaster.
      The conspirators had cleverly used what was perceived as an “accidental disaster” and added a little “timing device” in order to maximise profit. The money trail was unmistakable. I provide the analyses as openly, simply and unambiguously as I can so that you can judge for yourself.

      No hidden Agenda. Just the plain truth – as I am a seeker of the truth.

  5. Elijah says:

    So Now we face the turning of the Seasonal wind patterns, and the AIR QUALITY
    monitors cannot warn the masses quickly enough of a poisonous methane/corexit
    Gas Cloud attack from Below. Folks have predicted a further sinister action like
    intentionally blowing up the area for complete closure of the Plan.

  6. yo says:

    BP // don;t forget the other half of the BP co. BP/AMOCO……EXXON/ eastern standered oil nationalised. CHECK this reality OUT.

  7. anadianant says:

    BKL, another telling article. Rather chilling conclusion, not to the awake, for many know and understand that pathological people have no concept of consequence, but to the unawakened.

    One very interesting thing for me is that the Vatican looked like it was in deep trouble on April 15th, with abuse allegations tumbling out and anger growing.

    Since April 20th, that story mostly disappeared from the press, never to return (as of now) with any of the force it had built up at the time.

    MIHOP. Sounds so innocuous.

    To certain minds, Everything is just collateral damage.



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  9. Jon Carlson says:

    The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 19
    The Case for an Atomic Bomb in the Gulf

    The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 20
    The Nazis Do Katrina

    The Nazis in the White House Story: Part 18
    The Pentagon 9/11 A3 Skywarrior Story

  10. Thanks to You Dr Tom, BK Lim et al,
    I would just like to say that in this situation there are no longer Grey areas in my mind. Every thing is laid out in Black and White.
    Also, The National Health Alert has accepted my Submission for their Jan. Health Alert. It speaks volumes of the impact on PEOPLE and the Human Condition.
    If it was not for your writings, wisdom and science, then there are so many things about the Human Condition I would have never have understood.
    There are no accidents in the Spiritual world, it was not an accident that I had been researching a Chronic Disabling Disease for 6 years, It was no accident that I met Dr Ott here in Florida and these writings and direct citations were sent to me by Tom.
    When people are ready to the hear the truth, then they shall appear.
    My life….all my life I have been tied to the water. I do go throught the stages of greiving just as those who are fighting a valiant fight that are tied to their Bayous, Water, Homes and their futures in their sacred places.
    In the stages of greiving there is one word that I am and also will always have a problem with….that is Forgiveness, for what our Government has allowed.
    I shall reach forgiveness, maybe when my spirit moves from this body and moves on.
    Until then…I doubt that I will ever “forgive” the Greedy, money grubbing, heartless Corporations….who have perpertrated the lies in collusion with the Govenment.
    Everyone who has died in this, deserves the respect and love of that which we have for your young men coming back from the slaughter, “In the Wars that are fought in Places, where our business interests run.”
    There are lives in the balance, and the blood on the hands of the majority of our “decision makers” shall forever be stained into their souls.
    I am Proud to be “Radical” American Nurse.
    Blessings and Prayers to all the truth seekers,
    Trisha Springstead RN

  11. BK Lim says:

    Trisha Springstead RN,
    Thanks to you too, Dr Ott, Dr Tom, truth seekers and many other unsung heroes of this unfortunate MIHOP disaster. All disasters (like explosions) consist of two main compartments – the explosive mass and the detonator/trigger.

    In the DWH case, the explosive mass is the fragile faulted Salt Geology. In many of the survey sites I have QC’ed before, I was extremely surprised to find well locations proposed close to giant mud-volcanoes. These giant mud-volcanoes are there for a reason. They are the tell-tale signs of past or continuing venting of gas (mixed with mud slurry which had been eroded from shale or even mudstone formation by potent corrosive fluid – gas and brine). The bigger the mud-volcano the bigger is the gas (and possibly oil) reservoir beneath, as well as the potential dangers. Oil companies know this but when these geohazards risks were pointed out and documented, they had to oblige moving the well location to a safer place. Who would want to be put on record going into a disaster after being forewarned? BP (for reasons we now know) boldly persisted in drilling a “hell hole” right in the middle of the fault zones. Why?

    The detonator/trigger is the “forced human mistakes”. We have to give credit to the professional drilling crews who fought hard to prevent the blowouts from the numerous out-of-control-well situations. Even the most hard-headed of oil companies, would have pulled back and reassessed the situation. I have seen contractors and oil companies cheat, fraud on their data, calibration and investigation reports to push through their agenda but not on the scale seen in the DWH disaster. Innocent persistence? I do not think so.

    There are many unsung heroes in this disaster but sadly, they were the ones who went down fighting, out-maneuvered at every critical key turning points by their villains-in-command. I was one of those who had miraculously come back from the brink of death. Call it Divine Intervention as it came with a very strong message. I am one of the many who are answering Mother Nature’s call for help. As with Trisha and others, I do not think it was an accident that I finally met up with Dr Tom and all of you here; writing independently and contributing to expose the “cover-ups”; helping to bring light (truth) to a dark sinister scheme. The light will only begin to shine after the darkest hour. If we do not yield to the evil temptations of the dark force, we will come out from these “tests” even stronger. Goodness will eventually prevail simply because evil is non-sustainable and will burn itself out.

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  13. BK Lim says:

    A Remark from a reader, QUE as follows:
    “It’s hard to imagine so many things going wrong at once, but I have trouble imagining a plot to make failure deliberate. It seems like a accumulation of poor decisions leading up to the blowout, failure of key safety devices, and a failure of people to act decisively because of a fear of overreacting.”

    Que, I too had trouble believing this disaster was allowed to happen until these facts surfaced:

    Interior Department’s Mineral Management Service (MMS) gave BP’s lease at Deepwater Horizon a “categorical exclusion” that exempted it from a detailed environmental impact analysis in 2009. What’s more, BP was engaged in lobbying efforts to expand such exemptions only eleven days before the Apr. 20 explosion.

    An acoustic switch could have averted the disaster, and, Kennedy said, “[i]n 2000, the Minerals Management Service while weighing a comprehensive rule making for drilling safety, deemed the acoustic mechanism ‘essential’ and proposed to mandate the mechanism on all gulf rigs.”[2] — But “between January and March of 2001, incoming Vice President Dick Cheney conducted secret meetings with over 100 oil industry officials allowing them to draft a wish list of industry demands to be implemented by the oil friendly administration.

    Cheney also used that time to re-staff the Minerals Management Service with oil industry toadies including a cabal of his Wyoming carbon cronies. In 2003, newly reconstituted Minerals Management Service genuflected to the oil cartel by recommending the removal of the proposed requirement for acoustic switches.



    If you combined that with:

    – the massive shares sell-off by Tony Hayward & at least 4 other directors (London and New York), Goldman Sachs and many other executives unlisted.

    – Former EPA attorney Jeanne Pascal had been unsuccessfully in debarring BP for the last 12 years (someone in TPTB blocking her effort)

    – Clear bathymetric data and geological evidence that the Macondo Wells were the worst possible location to drill safely (or best possible location to look for trouble)

    – Multiple near-disaster misses (out-of-well control situations) and so many red flags on the way to disaster

    – Halliburton buy-out of Boots & Coots for $240.4 million on 12 April 8 days before the blowout.

    – Stockpile of Millions of barrels of Corexit and still being manufactured by and in stock after it was removed from a list of approved treatments for oil spills in the U.K. more than a decade ago.Turns out that Rodney F. Chase, who sits on the board of Nalco, was also a BP board member. Likelihood that he still holds shares in both companies is very high. So it wasn’t JUST nepotism, it was a for-profit choice. http://www.protecttheocean.com/bp-corexit-japanese-connection/

    – BP had been investing a lot of research time and money to pursue genetic modifications that would enhance natural microbial abilities to eat up oil spills on both land and sea – http://www.disclose.tv/forum/blue-plague-in-the-gulf-t34732.html

    Anyone independent enough, would come to the logical conclusion that the battleground for a disaster was well prepared but not the prevention part (all the defenses left wide open). How come? Isn’t Prevention better than Cure? Perhaps CURE or Disaster is a better windfall for some, especially those who happened to know well before the disaster to prepare the coffins?

    Sorry Que, the more I dug into this disaster, the dirtier is this oily business.

  14. Dearest Friends BK and Tom
    I invented a patented Organic Skin Care line, after looking at the way that Petroleum Jelly was made (PETROLEUM) mineral oil (WITHOUT A MINERAL IN IT) and the petrochemical garbage and Endocrine Disruptors in fragrance oils were brought to my attention by Dr Hulda Clark. My Mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and my Father, a Capt in the USMC died from Lung Cancer at the Age of 52. I took my Mother to Mexico to meet Dr Clark and she taught us so much about the Propyls in every day cleaning supplies, skin care and now plastic.
    Allopathic Oncologists treated my father with poisons and he died rather quickly, but
    my Mother refused Chemotherapy and went the Alternative route. I took her to Mexico with a “2-6 month” life expenctancy, and after working with Dr Clark she lived 14 1/2 years on herbals, teas and detox.
    There are so many things tied to Oil, fragrance oils (up to 600 chemicals undeclared)
    room fresheners, plastics, paints, pesticides, drugs, plastic capsules surrounding pills
    disinfectants, isopropyl alcohol, soaps, IV tubing, Catheters, implants, water bottles
    dental sealants. From womb to tomb we consume, and consume dangerous foods cooked in Hydrogenated Oils which are one molecule away from plastic.
    I could go on adnauseaum…..but we look around our every day lives and see that so many things we are using in our day and lifetime are tied to Oil and its, bi products.
    Nanomolar to Picomolar amounts of Endocrine Disruptors in these products, can block the metabolic pathways, our endocrine systems and our destroy our health.
    The body burden that people carry in their bodies from dangeous foods, chemicals
    in skin care and the packaging of foods that we heat in the microwave ect. is taking its toll on the human condition.
    Our planet, its people, animals and the ecosystem are so hormonally disrupted that is is changing our genetic code and mothers who are carrying such a large amount of Toxic loads of chemicals that the placenta is no longer protecting the unborn child from future damage. This is why we have a huge incidence of aggression, ADD, ADHD, an explosive decrease in time to sexual maturation, lowered sperm counts, testicular and ovarian cancers.
    I made my husband look around our home and asked him, “What in our home can be tied to the oil industry. ” He found a few things….but I pointed out just about everything to him. He was flabbergasted to say the least.
    Every time we go to the store and put that dollar in the stores register, we are voting, every time we buy something tied to chemical corporations and the “petroleum industry” we are voting. I say let’s stop voting in our purchasing of dangerous chemicals tied to oil. I the demand decreases for the poisons then the demand will increase for alternatives to poisons.

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